A century before, approximately, on 30th Nov.1913 around 4:00pm, in the presence of about 200 dignitories, a public meeting was being organized presided by the honourary magistrate of mariahu tehsil of jaunpur district; Babu Bhagwant Singh, a resident of Bhanaur village. It was being assisted by Mr. Tulasi Prasad Muktar, a social reformer from Sukhlalganj village.

The meeting was being held at the courteous shadow of sheth Govin Ram. The matter being considered was to build a well equipped Cowshed which would ceratinly protect the lives of astray cattles. The public meeting had enjoyed the presence of merciful dignitaries like Babu Adyasaran Singh director of coporative Jaunpur city,shri Jagat Narayan Singh, subinspector of mariahu police station, a well to do peasants of the Taluka and Sitaram Sahu as well as Bhagawasdas Kasaudhan, famous merchants of the local area.

Open hearted donations got deposited under guidance of Pandit Chotelal Vyas whos offered the vote of thanks to all the present over there.

At the humble request of Babu Bhagwant Singh, hon.magistrate of mariahu Tahasil, shri mohd. Ahiya and Rani Dhandeyi Kuvar, the landlord of mariahu Tehsil, open heartedly donated the plot to construct the Cowshed. Ultimately on 7th dec.1913 in the name of Lord Krishna shri Gopal ghaushala, mariahu, came into existence.